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shutterstock_145160692 (1)Are you looking for fiduciary and trustee services? Our fiduciaries play a unique and vital role for you and your family, serving everything from the most vulnerable populations (like the elderly and those who can no longer care for themselves) to independent, productive people who need assistance making sound financial, health care and day­-to-day decisions. Fiduciaries serve as a bridge between you, your family, health care providers, caregivers, and attorneys, while providing you with peace of mind by protecting both your physical and financial interests.

What Services Does a Professional Fiduciary Provide?

Fiduciaries provide services that can include acting as a trustee to carry out a living trust, a conservator/guardian of an estate, a neutral third party when a family controversy exists, a representative payee to receive income and pay expenses on behalf of an individual, or a power of attorney to carry instructions.

Help for Families & Estates
  • Serve as a trusted third-party bridge between family members
  • Ensure the health and well-being of vulnerable clients
  • Operate as a trustworthy advocate for those in need
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Who Needs a Fiduciary?
  • Fiduciaries help families who can no longer shoulder the health care and financial decisions for their loved ones or families.

  • Those with dementia, widowed, or living in isolation

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Professional Problem Solvers
  • Feel confident knowing you are working with a trained professional, striving to solve complex problems.

  • We help resolve complicated health care, financial and tax situations.

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Get started
  • Find out what questions you should ask before hiring a fiduciary to manage your trust.
  • Our HDC trustee representatives can help with your situation.
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