Small Business Services

For many small business’s, it is not necessary nor cost efficient to have a full-time accountant or controller. The owners of small businesses have more important things to do than worry about the books. They do however; require accurate accounting and financial reporting to run their businesses. In some cases, the client will have a part-time accountant or bookkeepers that provide basic bookkeeping services. Our experienced senior bookkeepers and accountants will take this data and transform it into financial reporting that the business owner can use to evaluate the businesses current performance.

A monthly, On a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, we can provide the following services:

    1. Reconcile your business bank accounts
    2. Review your general ledger and make adjustments where necessary.
    3. Cost-containment analysis
    4. Cash flow analysis
    5. Budgeting and forecasts
    6. Payroll, property tax and sales tax guidance
    7. Generate “prepared” financial statements which include both a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. This is a new kind of financial statement that is less costly than the traditional attest financial statement


This forms the basis of our small business services. You can choice which services best fits your needs.